Yogi is a digital art demo (demoscene style)
built to run on an actual Nintendo Game Boy!

Concept and Code:
Music and SFX:
Tronimal & Mr. V
Graphics and Animation:
Tronimal, Damien G & VectorPixelStar
Chris Maltby (GB Studio)
Very Special Thanks To:
Pautomas & Proximity Sound

If you reached the end of the demo
you can press any button to enter the credits.
Press SELECT to view some unused scenes and listen to another song!
Press START to go back to title screen.

You can download the ROM
and play it in an emulator,
or play it on the real machine
by using a flash-cartridge.
(BGB Game Boy emulator
recommended for Windows.)
You can also play the html version
in your browser on PC or mobile.

Controls for html5 version:

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorYogi (Tronimal)
Tags8-Bit, Abstract, chiptune, Experimental, Game Boy, Game Boy ROM, Homebrew, Pixel Art, Retro, Visualization


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Yogi.gb 128 kB


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Really cool! Great work! Excited to see what you make next :3


Thank you.
Will take little while until I make my next GB Studio project. I'm currently working on a Virtual Boy music release.

Oh wow, that’s also very cool! Good luck! 🎶

Great! The demoscene has arrived at GB Studio. :)

Thanks! :)
I never thought that this would happen a few weeks ago!

Fantastic work, Tronimal!
Thanks for liking my music!


I'm glad you like it.
I linked you in the description and put you in the ROM credits.
By the way, did you see the unused stuff, after pressing SELECT in the credit screen? :)

Yes! Of course!  :)

Great stuff, nice beats. Love the GB motif animation.


Thank you!
Music was originally done by Mr. V and I remixed it.
Yeah, the Game Boy animation came out pretty good, although it's just an eight step animation. :)

Very interesting visual effects and excellent electronic music, it would be worthy of use in some event or electronic festival.

(1 edit)

Thanks! To be used as a proper VJ software it could be a little tweaked to allow different sync timings and change effects on button press.
Would totally be possible with only a few changes.